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My Screen Name?

One of the first questions people now ask at car meets is: "What is your screen name?"

Don't worry, they haven't seen that XXX feature you did just yet. As more car clubs get on-line saavy, forums are the easiest way to interact with other enthusiasts. By creating a name on a forum, you're opening a door to some laughs and great exchanges of information.

Most often, people choose their first name, car they drive, or maybe their licence plate. Others get very creative.

OFOC Community

Our members interact on many levels.The Ford Focus is a world-car. To fully experience it, you need worldwide interaction from owners across the world.

Our members are quite diverse and frequent their own particular forums. Have a problem and/or complaint with your car? Want advice on a modification for your Focus? Got an announcement? Want to chat it up with other Focus owners? Here's your chance to connect! 

Here's a brief listing of all the clubs and companies that have become a part of the OFOC community:

Focus Enthusiasts

Club Focus Quebec - Enthusiasts for the province of Quebec. CFOC - Calgary Focus Owners Club

Associated Enthusiasts

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