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Full of Hot Air

For every 10 degree Fahrenheit change in outside temperature, your tire's inflation pressure will change by about 1 psi (up with higher and down with lower temperatures).

Be sure that you check your tire pressures regularly. Properly inflated tires give you better fuel economy, more even tire wear, and proper (and safer) handling of your vehicle.

Heads Up: TSB!

TSB stands Techincal Service Bulletin. Simply put, it's a note that automotive engineers have found to be a problem after some further testing and/or numerous customer complaints. Rather than changing the service manual, bulletins are issued.

TSBs are not recalls as they are not a safety issue. Many TSB repairs are only covered under the new vehicle limited warranty. So, if you're out of standard warranty coverage, you may have to pay for the parts and labour associated with a TSB repair.

TSBs are not just a Focus thing. All manufacturers have them. It's a matter if the manufacturer is open to admitting any exist.

OFOC Garage

The Focus community is growing each day. It's natural that once we learn something that helps keep our cars on the road, we'd want to share it with everyone else. Here are just a few things you should know about your Focus:

About Your Focus

As more Focii hit the road, there's an increasing chance a new owner of a used Focus won't have the Owner's Manual. Don't fret! Ford US has owner's manuals available for the Focus on their website. All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader and download your manual.

There are various models of the Ford Focus that are out there. Here's just a sample of what's on our roads.

Ford of Canada enables you to search their database for any oustanding safety and/or emissions recalls.

As with any recall, you can get them done at your local Ford or Ford/Lincoln dealership.

Ever wonder what that funky code is that sticks out from the top of your dash? This code can tell a lot about your car, even before it left the factory.

A brief starter article on the Focus and the need for winter tires

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Maintaining Your Focus

The key to ensuring a hassle-free ownership experience is to do the required maintenance on your Focus at a Ford dealership. Your car will last longer, and it's more difficult for someone to argue you didn't carry out the required maintenance if you have a warranty claim.

Got European headlights for your Focus? Can't get those projectors or MACH HIDs aimed right? Here's a starting point! 

When you get new brakes, there is often various chemical coatings on the rotors and pads. By following these procedures, you're better assured that you will get the maximum braking performance of your newly acquired parts.

This was gathered from TireRack.com. It's very useful in helping you determine the source of that nasty shimmy behind the wheel.

A brief starter article on the Focus and the need for winter tires

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Please read the Terms of Use before attempting any of these modifications. OFOC does not takes any responsibility for any injuries, property damage, or anything at all that might happen to your, your Focus, or anyone else and their property as a result of anything that you attempt to do that is outlined on these links. By continuing, you assume 100% FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions and agree that OFOC is not liable in any manner in the event something bad should ever happen.

Got allergies? Dusty in your car? Cabin filtration is the answer! Would you believe the parts are there when you purchase/lease your Focus. All you need to do is buy the filter!

A database of frequently performed modifications on Ford Focii. 

These items dress your door sill area nicely, plus they protect the paint from unsightly scuffs from your shoes. Easy to install.

The 2002 Mach Edition ZTS drew much attention with the introduction of bi-xenon, high-intensity discharge headlamps.

One of the premier Ford Focus sites has an extensive DIY section. You'd be surprised how much you, the owner, can do so much yourself.

If you want to increase/decrease the size of your rims, you want to maintain a consistent wheel diameter that won't throw off your speedometer. Visit this site to ensure you're putting on the right wheel size(s) on your Focus.

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Additional Coverage Programs

Additional Coverage Programs are extension of warranty on specific parts. In the past, these parts were problematic (e.g. early failure), but have been claimed to be improved. Please note that the criteria is very specific, and you may not be covered under certain circumstances.

The DPFE sensor has been a sore point of all Focus owners. Ford of Canada has issued additional 2 years or 40,000 km, whichever comes first, on this part. Read more about the DPFE sensor and how Canadian Focus owners may be affected.

*Update: The part number should be 4U7Z-9J460-AA*

Front Coil Springs

The front coil springs are being covered for up to 10 years/240,000 km (whichever comes first).

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Technical Service Bulletins

We have only summarized a few bulletins, for your reading pleasure. For more information on Technical Service Bulletins, please contact your local Ford or Ford/Lincoln dealer.

Front-End Noise
Many Focus owners report clunking or creaking noises and/or vibrations going over small bumps, speed bumps, curbs, or making slow turns. TSB 03-20-2 discusses possible remedies for this situation that include improperly torqued strut bolts, swaybar endlinks, and/or rubber isolators.
Front Halfshat Bearing
A bearing located between the two inner CV joints (designed to reduce torque steer) has been the cause of some front droning noise. Refer to TSB 03-15-11 for more information.
Horn Failure
A common affliction with some Foci. Water gets driven into the horn causing muffled sounds and/or failure. Refer to TSB 03-3-1 for more information.
Rear Inner Tire Wear
TSB 03-13-5 addresses concerns over excessive inner-tire wear on wheels mounted in the rear.
Transmission Fluid
TSB-01-15-7 discusses transmission fluid usage for your Ford Focus. 
YRF0 Flash (SVTF)
TSB 03-13-9 is the infamous YRF0 flash of the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) found in the SVT Focus. Many have sworn by this bulletin offering the cure for battery lamp flicker, driveability, and idling concerns.
Loss of Intermittent Wipers TSB 04-15-2 deals with the loss of the intermittent feature and/or parking of the wiper blades. The fix involves replacing the wiper relay.
Difficulty in Engaging and/or Changing Gears (non-SVT models) Some 2000-2005 Focus vehicles, equipped with manual transmissions, may exhibit difficulty in changing gears, or an inability to engage certain gears. TSB 04-21-5 addresses this issue by ensuring the shifter cables are attached to the appropriate bracket.
Noisy Clutch on the SVT Focus Transmission TSB 04-21-19 attempts to resolve concerns from SVT Focus owners about noisy and/or prematurely failing clutches. This is SVT's current fix, and there has been little complaints about it not working.

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