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Ford Focus HID Conversion

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For the 2002 model year, Ford US introduced the world to the Focus Mach Edition ZTS. Aside from a 460-watt Mach Audo system mounted in this mild-mannered sedan, the attention was focused at its xenon headlights. This was Ford's first vehicle in North America under the Ford nameplate to carry such a system (the first system was found on the Lincoln Mark VIII LSC), especially in a mainstream sedan. Later in that model year, the xenon headlights were an option on the 2002 SVT Focus. Some Focus enthusiasts decided these lights were meant to be shared across the entire Focus lineup.

The series of instructions were inspired by Alf and AZ SVT, members of Focus enthusiast sites such as myFordFocus and FocalJet. Alf came up with the original writeup on the conversion, knowing there are anxious folks wanting to install the HID units, but are hesitant to go for it and take a chance without having some previous automotive experience. With input from individuals such as AZ SVT, people were shown the light in the art of the Focus HID conversion.

As more individuals attempted the modification, there was a need to combine all the different difficulties and solutions experienced by Focus Enthusiasts. The pages that follow attempt to combine all the information currently known to Focus enthusiasts who have attempted this conversion.

Eligible Participants

This conversion only applies to 2000 to 2004 North American, non-HID-equipped Ford Focus models equipped with the SPI or Zetec engine. For those with the 2.3L PZEV engine, modifications to A/C hose mounts and air filter housing removal are required. The instructions were written to ensure the HID units can be replaced with the stock headlight units, if it is necessary. The installation process takes between 2 and 4 hours, depending on how handy you are with electrical and automotive work.

The Ford Racing Solution

In 2004, Ford Racing introduced a fully functional retrofit kit (Part Number: M-13008-F201) that included both headlamp assemblies, wiring, and relays. It is strongly recommended that enthusiasts who want to convert their headlamps go with the kit currently put out by Ford Racing. Recently, Focus Fanatic magazine had an excellent write-up in the installation of this new kit.

For details on pricing and availability of the retrofit kit, please visit the Ford Racing website.

The "Hacked/VW" Solution

The information originally showed you, step-by-step, the installation of the Ford Focus HID units before Ford Racing came up with a retrofit kit. Due to the number of enthusiasts who have followed these instructions, it may be necessary to refer to these instructions, in case of a malfunction or collision. That is why you will find these instructions still on this website.


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