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Family Bio and Updates

A Look Back...

The Focus has enjoyed a ride of its life during its first iteration. From praises and awards from journalistic bodies to criticism about shoddy workmanship and recalls, the Focus is certainly a vehicle that made its mark in automotive history.

Charting The Changes: MK-I Generation (2000 to 2004)

Here are just a few changes that have evolved through the life of the Focus production cycle:

  • Ford Focus is introduced to the Canadian public in sedan, wagon, and 3-door hatchback form
    • Sedan: LX, SE, and ZTS
    • Wagon: SE
    • Hatchback: ZX3
  • Running changes to rear tail lights in mid/late 2001 models (turn signal would be incorporated into the larger tail/brake light versus operating as a single unit above the brake light) 
  • ZTS is offered with 6-spoke, 16-inch alloy wheels
  • Introduction of Street Edition and S2 packages
  • Manual sunroof offered on ZX3
  • Introduction of the SE Sport, ZX5 5-door hatchback, ZTW wagon, and 3-door SVT models
  • Introduction of the SE Limited Edition package
  • Various interior trim changes (e.g. larger Ford emblem on steering wheel, vinyl sun visors, non-lighted cigarette outlet, brushed aluminum panel on ZTS and ZTW dash, floor console design)
  • Various minor engineering changes
  • 15-inch multi-spoke aluminum wheels on SE Sport models
  • Personal Safety System added to all Focii
  • Rear child-safety trunk release
  • Power moonroof now offered on SE, ZX3, ZX5, ZTW and ZTS
  • Discontinuation of the following exterior colours: Rainforest Green, Jackpot Gold, Light Sapphire Blue
  • New exterior colours offered: Gabber Green, Liquid Grey, French Blue
  • 5-door SVT model is added
  • Minor powertrain modifications for increased durability and reliability
  • Canadian winter package offered on ZX5, ZTW and ZTS (traction control, heated front seats and power heated rear-view mirrors)
  • Available audio system options such as a CD/MP3 head unit, and Audiophile system
  • Interior trim fabric changes
  • Map pocket behind the driver's seat disappears
  • 5-spoke, 16-inch alloy wheels replace the 6-spoke design
  • Chrome strip on ZX5 hatch, ZTW tailgate and ZTS decklid replaced with body-coloured strip
  • ZX3 loses lower black sideskirt found on earlier models
  • European Appearance package offered on US-spec SVT 3-doors
  • Centennial Package offered on ZTS models to celebrate Ford's 100th anniversary
  • Discontinuation of the following exterior colours: Malibu Blue, Fort Knox Gold
  • New exterior colours offered: Arizona Beige, Light Tundra on sedans and wagons
  • Discontinuation of Advance-Trac (stability control) option on Canadian models
  • New steering knuckles and struts for improved ride and handling
  • 15-inch steel wheels and P195/60R15 tires now available on SE models with the SPI engine
  • 16-inch aluminum wheels and P205/50R16 tires now optional on ZX3 models (these are standard issue on models sold in the US)
  • Discontinuation of CD/MP3 audio head unit
  • Light Tundra now available on ZX3 and ZX5
  • Leather seating surfaces now available on the ZX3
  • Discontinuation of exterior colour Gabber Green
  • SVT models get the following:
    • European Appearance Package now available on five-door model (there is the chance this package will not be available in Canada)
    • New 17-inch six-spoke euro-flange wheel design
    • Sonic Blue paint colour and blue seat inserts available
  • And for those wondering, the high-intensity headlights will NOT be available to Canadian customers
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