OFOC Spring 2003 at our first Detail Day @ Mr. Buffer

Family Bio and Updates

Tracing Our Roots

The Ford Focus was part of the "World Car" idea Ford had at the time. Sell one car, and modify it slightly according to the market.

Our bloodlines converge with genes from the Contour/Mystique/Mondeo and the North American Escort. Powertrain options and switchgear are easily noticeable as "hereditary".

Focus Info & News

The introduction of the Ford Focus was greatly anticipated in the 2000 model year for Canadians. Ford had just discontinued its mid-sized Contour and Mystique models in 1998, and the Escort was getting long in the tooth. Adopting the "world-car platform" again, Ford introduced a series of compact vehicles suited for the needs of people worldwide. 

The Focus is currently in its second generation in Europe, and now has genes that lie in the new Mazda3 and the Volvo S40.

Check out the links to see the evolution of the Ford Focus.


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