Sum of Our Differences

Our members range in demographics. We have both male and female members. The age of our members range from new drivers of 16 up to young-at-heart drivers experiencing the joys of retirement. Professionally, our members are in various sectors of industry and stations in life. That's the club you get when a vehicle appeals to the masses.

Through interaction via message boards and meets, we bridge the gaps between us making our Focus ownership experience more than just getting from point A to B.

Become a Part of OFOC

Ontario Focus Owners Club (OFOC) is a dynamic group for current and prospective Ford Focus owners in Ontario, Canada. Although based in Ontario, we welcome all enthusiasts of the Zetec family from North America and the world. 

Membership is free. The only cost to you for attending is the cost of your own food/drinks, and parking and admission fees for events such as auto shows, movie nights and track events.

If you register with OFOC, you will also be added to the monthly OFOC Newsletter informing you of upcoming club events and member news. We won't sell our registry information to anyone. If they steal it, that's a different story. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.

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