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What's The Hype About SYNC?

Ford Sync

Find out more about SYNC at www.syncmyride.com.

Production Models: MK-I.75 (2008 to current)

The Focus underwent a more thorough redesign for the 2008 model year. Aside from a new look inside and out, it also offers more refinements while adhering to the original Focus platform back in 2000. For this current series, there are two main choices: Coupe, or Sedan.

For 2008, the Focus comes in either a coupe or sedan.

Once you decided on the body style, you then choose between the trim levels: S, SE, and SES.

There's no choosing the engine for 2008. The Focus comes only in a 2.0L Duratec engine now churning out 140 horsepower. Performance fans will not enjoy the news that the previous 2.3L Duratec engine in the "hotter" ST version is no longer offered this year.

Most of the hype about the Focus, however, has centered about the Ford Sync system. Ford and Microsoft collaborated to offer a vehicle-based system offering integration and hands-free operation of devices like iPods, MP3 players, cellular phones, and smartphones.

For 2009, there wasn't much big news. A new SES model was added (essentially bigger 17-inch wheels, and suspension tweaks), some colour changes, and Ford continues to have a real winner on its hands. We're not joking: Ford's sales of the Focus have been brisk due to the recent spike in oil prices and downturn in the economy.

For 2010, again there's not much to say in terms of any drastic changes. The biggest news is the introduction of the MyKey system that allows parents to "control" their kids' driving habits when they toss over the keys. Now since the 2012 model has been introduced at the 2010 North American Internaitonal Auto Show, don't count on many changes. At least the Focus has been gaining continual sales due to its pricing and increasing popularity of the Ford nameplate (mainly due to Ford not taking any government bailouts and having a good product lineup).

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